Welcome to Ms. Gray's Classroom!

Whether it's science or history, we love learning in Ms. Gray's classroom! Our lessons are hands-on and interactive in order to stimulate long-term memory functions and make the curriculum fun! See the Photo Gallery to get a front row seat at some of the things we have done together this school year.

*Take care of personal needs before entering the classroom.

Caution!!!! Once your feet walk over the threshold of this classroom, you will not be permitted to leave for personal business the first 15 minutes. Also, be warned that no one will be allowed to leave during the last 15 minutes.

Consequences: If a student walks out without permission, be sure to stop by Mrs. McNeal's office to sign the walk out log. She will address all frequent emergency exits.

*Be respectful to all who enter this classroom.

  • You will call home about your behavior.
  • I will refer you to the professional school counselor.
  • I will refer you to the Principal. At this point you may have more severe consequences.

*Turn in all due assignments on the given date.

Consequences: Ten (10) points will be subtracted for each day your assignment is late. If the assignment is submitted 4 or more days late, you will not receive a grade higher than 60.

*Check the class website's calendar for missed assignments when absent.

Consequences: When absent, you will be given one (1) extra day to turn in weekly assignments for each day absent that week.

  • Absent 1 day= 1 extra day
  • Absent 2 day= 2 extra days

Caution!!! You will not be given extra time to complete extended assignments due to absences!

Ms. Gray
Renita Gray

Meet your teacher, Ms. Gray!

Read personalized Welcome Letter from Ms. Gray for the 2021-22 School Year!

Renita Gray is a K-8 certified instructor with Shelby County Schools and is ranked as Highly Qualified to teach secondary General Science. Ms. Gray carries twenty-five years of experience with the MCS/SCS system. Within those years, she has taught science for grades 7 and 8, Social Studies for grades 6 and 7, ELA for grade 8, and 3rd grade self-contained. She looks forward to this year, being her first, teaching 6th grade science. She also has six years of experience teaching Facing History and Ourselves.

Presently, Ms. Gray holds a Master’s of Science in Curriculum Instructional Leadership. She views teaching as her life’s calling and seeks to help students realize their greatness while assisting them to channel their gifts toward their life’s goals. Ms. Gray's calling is exemplified with the following quote by Wilma Rudolph:

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”